Food for Thought

Food for thought is a four-part documentary serie for VPRO/ NPO2. 
Music by BJ Nilsen

Where does our food come from? Where is it going? What route does it take from production to our plate? In this four-part series, photographer and filmmaker Kadir van Lohuizen, together with director Doke Romeijn, searches for the world behind the food on our plates in the US, China, Kenya, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The series brings into focus what often remains outside our field of view.



Verenigde Staten – Nieuwe cowboys

maandag 8 april om 22.15 uur op NPO 2

China – Achter de muur

maandag 15 april om 22.15 uur op NPO 2

Kenia – De groentetuin van Europa

maandag 22 april om 22.15 uur op NPO 2

Saudi-Arabië̈ en de Verenigde Arabische Emiraten – Koeien in de woestijn

maandag 29 april om 22.15 uur op NPO 2