BJNilsen & Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson – Avantgardegasse

Ultra Eczema ‎– Ultra Eczema 187 / Vinyl / 2015


A1. Panic Quickly (Long Overdue)
A2. Must Leave Water Alone
A3. Pain Red Orange Yellow Turns Blue
A4. Cold Grey Fish Eyes
A5. Mirror My New Face
A6. Great Garbo


B1. Pink Blanket (White Nor Black)
B2. I Remember London
B3. Slow Roman Roundabout
B4. Deserted Dutch Village
B5. Parisian Writer’s Block
B6. Max Fleischer’s Toothbrush Moustache


“It has often been said, and we gladly repeat it again, here at the UE office tower, “Folks drive faster without a drivers license”, and that’s not a lie, it might be because the popo’s are right behind you! Boy or Girl, can those assholes make a real human nervous! Once one enters Avantgardegasse, somewhere In Germany (a country known for its brutality on the road) rules and laws concerning your ride all flush down the toilet like a recycled napkin! No popo’s on Avantgardegasse! Forget about the lights of the road, and expect to be surprised or boohoo’d, houses might melt on the side, the lines that divide the lanes might become bigger or smaller, or not present at all, and once you think you get it, it can only get more confusing.

Besides many glasses of special liquids, the Swedish sound artist BJ Nilsen and Icelandic confusor Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson have shared a lot of time on stage and on record, in earlier different combinations such as BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa, Evil Madness and so on. This is, strangely, their first duo collab record, an alien workshop of collage class, shaved by Avant Garde tactics previously unknown to human beings! Trainings organised by secret forces between silence and the soft sound of French speech, or something similar.

Limited to 200 hand numbered copies, comes in a duo tone pro sleeve and with a insert and a sticker!”