21 February 2019 ORE live performance on The Acousmonium as part of the Sonic Acts Festival HEREAFTER 21 Feb 20:00 — 01:00 at Paradiso, Amsterdam NL

The Acousmonium is an orchestra of loudspeakers arranged in front of, around and within the concert audience. It has been designed to be directed by a performer who projects a sound work or music into the auditorium space via a diffusion console. The Acousmonium can take many forms, changing at will to adapt to the type of work and to circumstances.

It was designed and inaugurated by François Bayle in 1974, and is still mainly used for the performance of acousmatic works. But it is also used by artists performing mixed musical forms, improvised music and multimedia.

Since 1974, the Acousmonium has not only been brought up to date with technological developments, but has also undergone conceptual changes. The conditions and ritual of the acousmatic concert As a media art form, acousmatic music already contains in itself all the nuances desired by the author at the moment of composition in the studio. The point of concert performance is to exploit the possibilities of the work by extending it into physical space.

Sonic Acts: “Exactly 11 years since we first had the honour of hosting them, we welcome back our friends from the Groupe de recherches musicales (GRM), who are bringing their legendary 80-speaker orchestra, the Acousmonium, from Paris. The evening will feature brand new works by Okkyung Lee, BJ Nilsen and Thomas Ankersmit, legendary works by Dick Raaijmakers, Eliane Radigue and Régis Larivière, and acousmatic live performances by Beatriz Ferreyra, Anthea Caddy and Judith Hamann, François Bonnet and Keith Fullerton Whitman.”

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