ORE Picture Disc

Vinyl picture disc with foldout poster, essay and images

Excited to announce that the 12″ picture disc of ORE is out!!! Silk screen print with black ink and added iron ore. Double sided 6 panel foldout sleeve.
DOB092 | Numbered edition of: 150 | € 20,-

A geological field project with field recordings made in a variety of mining areas exploring a wide range of elements and processes involved. The 12″ picture disc comes with a score and an interview and essay by Arie Altena. Limited and numbered edition of 150.
‘We dig deep into the earth to get to layers of deep time, extract it and use the ancient material, in the case of coal, for electricity, for heating the house, commodities, to type a message on a phone. It’s absurd when you start to think about it. So much time is compressed in this material and it’s burned up in minutes. It’s not like wind or the sun, which give you immediate energy. It’s millions of years compressed into hard materials that are burned up, like coal, or painstakingly refined to yield useful metal. This ungraspable void of deep time fascinates me: the time compressed in iron ore, the coal that started billions of years ago as organic material, the gold flecked asteroid far away in space, or the more recent ‘slambanken’ in Kirkenes, a manmade landscape of unusable slag that might be mined in the future.’ (Ylva Ståhl and Kristoffer Johansson)

Out now on De Player More info and images Here

DOB092 | Numbered edition of: 150 | € 20,-

Order @ https://www.deplayer.nl/releases/dob092 | https://bjnilsen.info/ore/

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