Partita no.2 – sei solo

Partita is a piece created in a collaboration with the violinist Jonathan Morton from Scottish Ensemble and choreographer Örjan Andersson. The work is a continuation of an ongoing collaboration between Andersson Dance and Scottish Ensemble and follows the works “Goldberg Variations – Ternary patterns for insomnia” (2015) and “Prelude – skydiving from a dream” (2019). For this new creation Örjan Andersson has brought together five outstanding dancers with the violin virtuoso Jonathan Morton in order to depict a multitude of different states on stage. Jonathan’s interpretations of Bach’s emblematic Partita no. 2 with it’s distinctive form and structure meets BJ Nilsen’s field recordings from Amsterdam during lockdown. A new poetic universe emerges where we are able to move at a breathtaking speed, from the intimate immediate present, to swooning heights. An auditory and perceptual journey from current to ancient times ….

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Musician: Jonathan Morton

Dancers: Jim De Block, Emilia Fridholm, Takuya Fujisawa, Johanna Wernmo and Ashley Wright.

Music JS Bach and BJ Nilsen

Light design /scenography: Chrisander Brun

Costume design: Jenny Nordberg Photographer: Chrisander Brun

Co-production Andersson Dance, Scottish Ensemble, NorrlandsOperan & Dansens Hus.

Andersson Dance is funded by Kulturrådet/Swedish Arts Council, Stockholm Stad and Region Stockholm.