Wet Spells

BJ Nilsen did field recordings and sound composition for Femke Herregravens new exhibition called ‘Wet Spells’ as part of ‘Our Silver City, 2094’ at Nottingham Contemporary. Based on a methodology by Prem Krishnamurthy, Our Silver City has been developed by the artists Céline Condorelli, Femke Herregraven and Grace Ndiritu, and the novelist Liz Jensen, in close dialogue with Krishnamurthy and the Nottingham Contemporary team.

Wet Spells

Femke Herregraven 2021

Gallery NORTH: “Time to Transmit Wisdom“ For decades, the weather has dominated our lives. Some years, the Silver City has thrived; other years, it has struggled.”In the face of meteorological flux, our forecasters have honed their craft, studying ancient texts about the sky, water and earth, and observing subtle changes in animal and plant-life. Our forecasts, known as tracings, are tradeable and are in high demand throughout Britannia. Each is transmitted, flung into the wind. Weather is cyclical. The cycle has changed, and people must change with it.”A ghostly radio station broadcasting a five-channel sound piece including the voices of Nottingham children, responding to real-time data from a weather station installed on the gallery roof, also transmitted into Gallery 1. Five sculptures made from paper mâché, metal and driftwood from the 2021 floods across Europe, and parachute cord. A vinyl weather notation system installed on the gallery’s window, skylight, floor and wall. A prediction circle comprising boulders and painted pebbles.

Courtesy the artist, commissioned by Nottingham Contemporary with the support of the Mondriaanfonds . . .

Thank you BJ Nilsen for sound composition; Ben McMillan for assistance developing the weather notation system; James Brouwer for digital and sound production, Tom Harris and Chris Lewis-Jones; Delina, Jorja, Lania, Lano, Marjaan, Melanie, Momar, Rohith, Rylan, Yonathan (Year 5) Abdelmoamen, Chaice, Cherry, Dilatation, Estera, Ezza, Faith, Ghazal, Holda, Landlord, Lorayah, Loui, Naiyah, Rasan, Sahand, Sophia, Tiana, Tyler and Vanessa (Year 6) of Sycamore Academy, Nottingham for their contribution to the sound composition. 💜to Kiera Blakey, Hannah Wallis, Olivia Aherne, Sam Thorne, Prem Krishnamurthy, Kajsa Stahl, Nicole Yip, and the rest of the Nottingham Contemporary team