ORE: Sounds from the Earth – BJ Nilsen Artist Talk

BJ Nilsen is currently in Sør-Varanger to research and gather material for his ORE project

,which started off with an interest in the audio realm of mining, rooted in the fascination of how such an extremely old technology rooted in pre-historic times still provides a majority of the resources for our high tech society. ORE is conceptually inspired by indigenous (monumental) art as well as contemporary Earthworks. In both cases, soil, landscape and Earth serve as a canvas: blocks of rock can be shaped into new meanings and tell stories. In the auditory realm, the sound of the landscape, the sound of the use of land and the exploitation of minerals, rocks and soil form the acoustic ‘canvas’ re-enacted through a sound system.

In conversation with curator Hilde Methi, BJ Nilsen will give a work-in-progress insight into his work, and talk about using sound as research methodology.

With thanks to the Creative Industry Fund NL, Sonic Acts, de Player & Extrapool.

ORE: Sounds from the Earth – BJ Nilsen Artist Talk

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