Silence #14

3 August 2018, 8 – 9 am

BJ Nilsen and Zeno van den Broek @ Oude Kerk, Amsterdam NL

3 August 2018, 8 – 9 am

oude kerk
oudekerksplein 23
020 625 8284

Early in the morning the Oude Kerk is a meditative oasis in the city, with an enervating sunrise that casts light through the church’s towering windows. At this early hour you can enjoy the Silence music programme. Join us on Friday morning 3 August and enjoy the new composition by BJ Nilsen and Zeno van den Broek through the sizzling red morning light of Anastasis. During the previous silence concert on the 1 June, van den Broek used the ‘Lucier-method’ to find the natural frequencies of the church building. A composition of 4 minutes was performed, recorded, played back while recorded again, played back and again. The performance resulted into more and more abstract resonances, in tune with the architecture of the church. Together with the Swedish composer and sound artist, BJ Nilsen, Zeno van den Broek is working on a new composition in which the sound of the church bells are amplified. With this sound the spaces inside and outside the church will merge together.

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